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Optimus Fintech Inc. unveils cutting-edge AI-powered Fees and Commissions module, designed to assist businesses in validating and reducing their cost of acceptance

"Fees and Commissions module will assist businesses to validate and reduce the cost of acceptance and enhance financial transparency among partners"

~ As covered on Payments Dive.


Optimus Fintech Inc., the leading autonomous cloud platform for streamlining financial operations, announced its next-generation AI-powered Fees and Commissions Module today. This industry-first solution empowers finance, accounting, and payment teams to confidently define & validate complex fee structures and plans for a wide range of partners, including:

  • Third-party processors (complex fee structures)
  • Payment service providers
  • Independent service organizations (ISOs)
  • Merchant service providers
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • Acquiring banks
  • Marketplaces

“We’re proud to announce Fees and Commissions on Optimus. A first-of-its-kind module, Fees and Commissions is dedicated to empowering businesses to confidently manage even the most intricate fee structures across multiple payment flows covering Billing, Authorization, Settlement, and Funding data. The platform’s intuitive, drag-and-drop UI ensures users can effortlessly define and validate various fee structures like Interchange Plus, Scheme fees, Tiered pricing, etc., and confidently reconcile sales, payouts, commissions, and effective fee rates. This allows organizations to maximize revenue, optimize the cost of acceptance, and reduce churn,” said Swapnil Mengawade, Founder & CEO of Optimus Fintech Inc. "This cutting-edge AI module enables businesses to validate transaction fees accurately and enhance transparency in financial partnerships".

Key Features and Benefits of Fees and Commissions include:

  • Effortless Fee Structure Definition: Define intricate fee plans for various partners and services with unmatched ease.

  • Multi-Flow Fee Computation: Compute fees and commissions, such as interchange plus, across PSPs, schemes, banks, etc., to safeguard against overcharges within a single platform. 

  • Optimize Fee Strategy: Review card metadata to analyze scheme fees, detect overcharges, and improve payment methods and routing.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Analyze payment data from various countries, currencies, payment methods, and processors to enhance performance and promptly identify issues and opportunities.

  • Seamless integrations: Instantly connect with all your financial data sources using Optimus’ 150+ pre-built integrations across Payments Service Providers, Accounting Products, ERPs, Banks, and Databases to power faster GTM.

  • Enhanced Processing Speed and Accuracy: Experience a significant boost in fee processing speed and eliminate costly errors.

  • Scalability and Compliance(PCI-DSS): Accommodate complex business growth while adhering to all regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Optimus Fintech’s clients interested in exploring Fees and commissions should contact their account manager immediately. Those interested in getting started with Optimus should contact an Optimus payment expert to experience Optimus, including Fees and Commissions, in action.


Founded in 2020 by Swapnil Mengawade and Nilesh Desai, Optimus Fintech is a leading global SaaS organization offering an autonomous cloud platform - Optimus, that streamlines payment data management and automates financial workflows. The purpose-built Finance Ops platform provides comprehensive solutions covering data aggregation, reconciliation, exception management, fees, commission validation, in-depth payment analytics, and reporting. With Optimus, businesses can effortlessly harmonize, reconcile, and account for money end-to-end.

Optimus is a PCI and SOC-compliant data platform trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies. It securely processes over 1 billion transactions annually. The platform democratizes data, allowing seamless collaboration and data access across teams. Optimus Fintech enables organizations to scale operations without needing to scale teams, unlocking efficiency and growth potential.

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